Raimondo Montecuccoli was born on 21 of february, in 1609, in the Montecuccolo's Castle. His parents are Galeotto Montecuccoli and Anna Bigi, a Este Court damsel.

Raimondo will live in the castle until 1916, year in which all the family moves  following the father who become  governor of Brescello, in the Reggio province.

Three years later his father Galeotto dies, the family returns to Modena and Raimondo, with his brother Massimiliano, is accepted as a page in the family of Alessandro d'Este, Bishop of Reggio. Here he receives excellent care, good education and the starting at the church life. In 1624 Alessandro D'Este suddenly dies and Raimondo, fascinated by military life and the figure of Raimondo Collalto, decides to abandon the ecclesiastical life and leaves to Austria with Raimondo, accepting the conditions imposed by him, that is no privilege, no leap in rank, though his position would have been that of bishop .Thus he begins his career as a private soldier at the service of the Emperor of Austria.

In 1657, at age of 48, he marries Margarethe Montecuccoli Dietrichstein, a young 18 years-old woman, grown up in the Austrian court. Although the couple rises under the influence of the emperor of Austria, this marriage is actually considered to be a love relationship.

Even if committed to assiduous military activity, Raymond dedicates his periods of respite and rest to study. He studies and writes night and day during his imprisonment. After the famous battle of Raab, in 1664, in which the troops led by Montecuccoli succeed in defeating the Ottoman army thanks to the astuteness of their general, he writes his most famous work "On War against the turk”.

In 1676, he loses his beloved wife, who gave him four children: Louise, Charlotte, Cristina and Leopold. He goes to Prague in order to escape the plague and then he moves to Linz where he dies in 1680, at the age of 71. He is buried in the Jesuit Church in Vienna.

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