The Castle Complex

XI Century.
Construction of the tower, for defence and as a watchtower, protected at the base by a wood palisade.

XII century.
The first fortified dwelling is added beside the tower and the walls are built.

XIII and XIV centuries.
Construction of two new buildings, one to the north and the other to the south of the old castle. Further south the Torione di Piazza keep is erected and new perimeter walls become necessary.

XV and XVI centuries.
The castle is completed with the construction od two new southern wings. The San Lorenzo Church is built and the square of the hamlet below the castle is created. The northen Porta Bonvicina gateway is opened. On the eastern side of the fortress a spiral staircase is built to connect the oldest part of the castle to the new section.

foto Archivio Valli del Cimone - Roberto Leoni

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