Modena has always been famous for the excellence of its food and wines.
Among these, Prosciutto, Parmesan Cheese, Balsamic and Lambrusco are the best known.

PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status is awarded to foods and wines which are only produced in the geographical area they are named after specific conditions: 

-With a few exceptions, the raw materials must be produced and their full transformation into the finished product must take place within the clearly defined zone after which the product is named.

- The quality or characteristics of the product must be closely and exclusively dependent on the geographical environment of the place of origin, considering both natural and human factors, such as climate, soil qualitiy and local technical knowledge.  

To promote awereness of these PDO products as a valuable factor in the territorial system of the Modena Apennines, the Valli del Cimone Consortium has launched partnerships with the relative  producers Consortia. A selection of the very best of these products can be tasted and purchased at "Locanda del Condottiero".



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